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Health - Medical Brigades

Your contribution will help our organization coordinate logistics and efforts with qualified general doctors, nurses, and pharmacists professionals in conjunction with MINSA PANAMÁ to provide medical care, vaccinations, and respiratory care to all members of these communities. In addition, providing all the medicine and vitamins for undernourished children and pregnant women for free. 

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Construction and Public Health 

Your contribution to this project will help construct houses with ceilings of aluminum and concrete floors, providing a safer and healthier environment for families to live in. Also, building Eco-stoves, one eco-stove for a family helps to reduce smoke inside the house and to use less wood. Thus protect the environment, and preventing respiratory problems in the families. $200 each stove for one family.

For building a clinic, our goal is to raise $500.000.00 Your contribution will help to build a clinic in this community and to get the equipment.


Sponsorship for Education and Nutrition 

With your contribution to the sponsorship programs, we hope to improve the lives of children in hard-to-reach places by addressing malnutrition, encouraging education and promoting the importance of community, helping indigenous and Campesino students to be able to enter university to be capacitated in health care or teaching programs to serve their communities.  

Some indigenous students have to walk 5 or 6 hours to get to high school. Many of them have to stay at school facilities during the week for classes, Mon to Fri, and get back home on weekends. Each student needs a contribution for the school to be able to provide food for them.  

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