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Home Improvement

Many families we work with live in houses with dirt floors and thatched roofs which poses a high risk for health-related problems. Parasites, foot fungus, and Chagas disease are not uncommon. 


Volunteers who participate in this project help construct houses with ceilings of aluminum and concrete floors, providing a safer and healthier environment for families to live in. 




Traditional firewood stoves produce abundant smoke and are detrimental to the respiratory health of hundreds of families we work with. The abundant smoke produced when cooking in regular stoves is inhaled by everyone in the house, creating “involuntary smokers.” 


With Eco-stoves, smoke levels decrease from 97.5% to almost 0.0% thanks to the chimneys which allow the family's home to be smoke-free. In addition, Eco-stoves use less wood, decreasing the amount of firewood, and subsequently reducing the cost to the environment and the cost to the families we work with.






Clinic - Hospital for Batata people

Batata is a remote community in the District of Ñürüm, located to the northwest of Veraguas City, with an extension of 575 Km and a population of approximately 13,172 inhabitants.

There is no electricity, potable water or healthcare facility of any kind. There is a small clinic in Buenos Aires which is located 6 hours from Batata and the people have to walk to reach it. 

HEALTH is an issue for these people. The most vulnerable demographic groups, babies, young children, pregnant women, and the elderly, are the most affected and often perish when no medical attention can be obtained.

We need to raise $500.000 for the construction and equipment for the clinic.



Let´s build a Clinic for Batata

to benefit 13,000 inhabitants

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